In January of 2017, the NFTA Board adopted the Locally Preferred Alternative of Niagara Falls Boulevard Light Rail Transit (LRT) for the Transit Options Amherst-Buffalo Study.

The NFTA came to the decision of Niagara Falls Boulevard LRT as the Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) after reviewing the technical results of the Alternatives Analysis and taking into account feedback from the project committees and the public.

Federal requirements are that the Greater Buffalo Niagara Regional Transportation Council (the Metropolitan Planning Organization for Erie and Niagara Counties) also adopt the LPA.

The Transit Options Amherst-Buffalo Study project is on the GBNRTC's current 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan, and the LPA would include the specifics of mode and alignment.

What is a Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)?

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The GBNRTC is proposing to concur in the LPA decision made by the NFTA and to amend its 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan to reflect the mode and alignment specificity by Resolution at the GBNRTC's June 12, 2017 Policy Committee meeting.


Public comments will be received through June 6, 2017 at staff@gbnrtc.org; in writing to GBNRTC Executive Director, 438 Main Street; Suite 503; Buffalo, NY 14202; or 716-856-2026.