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Metropolitan Transportation Plan

2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update

The 2040 MTP Update is primarily based on the 2035 Long-Range Transportation Plan Update adopted in May 2010, and thereby reaffirms key elements of that plan. A multi-year and more extensive metropolitan plan for 2050 is currently under way, but will not be finished before the current 2035 Long-Range Transportation Plan expires. This update extends the planning horizon to the year 2040, which keeps our region in compliance with federal legislation and eligible for federal transportation dollars.

While much of the 2035 Plan is unchanged, the 2040 MTP Update has allowed for the incorporation of 2050 work accomplished to-date, thus improving the consistency of the plans and evolving visions for the region. In addition to this, the demographics and traffic conditions in the 2040 MTP reflect the most current data. Some key changes to the 2040 MTP are as follows:

  • Integration of One Region Forward Goals and Objectives, which guide the development and implementation of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan;
  • 2040 demographic projections for population, households, and employment based on recently released 2010 US Census data;
  • Update of financial resources available to the region to implement the Metropolitan Transportation Plan projects based on new federal transportation legislation (MAP-21) and current NYSDOT forecasted apportionments;
  • Updated status of significant planning studies and projects that could impact future transportation investments in the region;
  • Update on resource agency consultation and potential mitigation activities; and
  • Revised Congestion Management and Systems Operations section

2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update Final (6.25 MB)

BuffaloNiagara 2050

The GBNRTC, along with community partners and regional stakeholders, is in the beginning stages of developing BuffaloNiagara2050, the region’s next long range transportation plan. BuffaloNiagara2050 will determine the way we commute, travel to work, connect to shopping and schools, and move throughout the region. It will take a bold, fresh approach to solving present and future transportation challenges in our region and will focus on ways we can create a more efficient, greener, smarter, and sustainable transportation system for ourselves and for future generations.

To learn more about the plan and ways to get involved visit us at our new website at www.buffaloniagara2050.com.