Moving Forward 2050

Metropolitan Transportation Plans are the primary tools that regions have for laying out significant, long- term improvements in the regional transportation system.

Through One Region Forward, we learned what we as the Buffalo Niagara region want out of our transportation system in broad terms. Moving Forward 2050 will identify how our transportation systems can help us achieve the region’s goals via specific strategies and targeted transportation projects.

Moving Forward 2050 will build off of where we are today and look at where we are headed tomorrow so we can realize what we want for our collective future. So this is more than just a plan, and it’s about more than just transportation – it is a regional vision for Buffalo Niagara, a better way for us to be Moving Forward to 2050.

What We Want in 2050...


Our Community

Our Economy

Our Environment



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Find out what Moving Forward 2050 means for you...


Find out what Moving Forward 2050 means for you...

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