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+ What is the Transportation Improvement PROGRAM (TIP)?

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a priority listing of all federally funded transportation projects programmed for implementation during a five-year period. The currently approved TIP covers the period from October 1, 2013 through September 30, 2018 and includes highway, transit, bicycle, pedestrian, and demand management and air quality projects, as well as studies and programs within the Greater Buffalo-Niagara Region.

The GBNRTC, in cooperation with the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), is responsible for selecting projects to be included in the TIP. A defined development process is used to guide project selection and can be found in the TIP Guidebook.

Fiscal constraint remains a key component of program development and this transportation plan. Fiscally constrained means the region can only propose projects for which revenues are reasonably expected to be available through federal, state, or local resources. Every effort has been made to assure revenue forecasts are reasonable and estimated project costs balance with those financial resources. Management controls are also in place to maintain fiscal integrity as projects advance. For additional information on how financial resources are estimated and fiscal constraint is attained, view Financial Planning & Demonstration of Fiscal Constraint.

The TIP is updated every other year to reflect those projects of highest priority based on need, local desires, long-range plan conformity and funding availability.

Questions on the TIP may be directed to / Attn: Programs Manager or by calling 716-856-2026.

+ Current TIP (FFY 2017-2021)

The TIP is a staged multi-year program of projects consistent with the long-range Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP). This region's TIP is developed cooperatively by a team led by the Greater Buffalo-Niagara Regional Transportation Council (GBNRTC) staff and New York State Department of Transportation Region 5 staff.

The 2017-2021 TIP encompasses the federal fiscal years beginning October 1, 2016 and concluding September 30, 2021 and is now available for download.

Any comments on the approved 2017-2021 TIP should be directed to Richard Guarino, Project Manager, at 716-856-2026 x307 (phone) or (email).

2017 - 2021 TIP Documents:

The complete document was broken into sections due to large file size.

Amendment Summary

FFY 2018 Annual Element

FFY 2017 Obligated Projects

+ Previous TIP (FFY 2014-2018)

2014 - 2018 TIP Document

Amendment Summary

FFY 2016 Annual Element

FFY 2015 Obligated Projects

2011-2015 TIP and Amendments

+ TIP Change guidelines and forms

Documentation Forms

+ Transportation Projects Subcommittee (TPS)

The mission of the Transportation Projects Subcommittee is to address any and all issues pertaining to the development, maintenance and monitoring of the region’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

The subcommittee has among its tasks:

  • Review descriptive data reports on the region’s transportation infrastructure
  • Design and implement project selection procedures
  • Prioritize and schedule regional projects
  • Prepare and recommend a fiscally constrained multi-year TIP
  • Assess and incorporate public feedback
  • Regularly review project status and assess cost changes
  • Recommend amendments to the TIP as necessary to maintain project viability and fiscal constraints

Recommendations and advice will be forwarded to the GBNRTC PCC as required for their consideration.

TPS normally meets every third Wednesday at the GBNRTC offices at 9 am.

Subcommittee Operational Plan

Monthly Meeting Summaries:

Interactive Transportation Improvement Program (tip) map 2017-2021