Scenario Planning Workshop Overview

One Region Forward Scenario Planning Workshop

In April, we hosted a two-day scenario planning workshop in Buffalo.

The workshop focused on noteworthy practices for scenario planning, particularly developing effective public engagement strategies, integrating scenario planning into performance metrics and metropolitan transportation plans (MTP), and using scenario planning for Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) project selection and prioritization.

The workshop was designed to build awareness of scenario planning and encourage information-sharing between the GBNRTC, neighboring metropolitan planning organizations, and two peer organizations from Portland, Oregon and Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.


What is Scenario Planning?

Scenario planning is a flexible process that helps transportation agencies create multiple plausible stories about what the future could be and prepare for these alternative futures.

Through scenario planning, agencies can address uncertainty, evaluate trade-offs, and explore the interaction of transportation and other related factors, such as current and future land use and system improvement assumptions. 


View the Report

You can now view the summary report from the April 2016 workshop on the FHWA scenario planning website.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) sponsored this workshop under its Scenario Planning Program, which is run jointly with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). The Scenario Planning Program is also part of the FHWA-FTA Transportation Planning Capacity Building Program.

Visit the FHWA Scenario Planning website.

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