The New York State Department of Transportation recently installed a new traffic signal at the intersection of State Route 384 (Delaware Avenue) and Kenmore Avenue in the City of Buffalo.

There are now 62 locations across New York State that are maintained by the Department of Transportation and feature a flashing yellow arrow phase. Flashing yellow arrows allow motorists more time to make turns, improving intersection efficiency and saving commuters both time and fuel.

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“While rebuilding New York State’s infrastructure, it is imperative that we find ways to make commuting, visiting and shipping freight easier and more efficient,” NYSDOT Acting Commissioner Cathy Calhoun said. “Traffic signals with a flashing yellow arrow phase do just that, helping clear congestion at intersections and boost local economic activity.”

Traffic signals with a flashing yellow arrow phase are used at intersections where there is an exclusive right- or left-turn lane with a protected green arrow, which allows motorists to turn while oncoming traffic is stopped. The signal changes from a green arrow to a solid yellow arrow, indicating that a red signal is coming and turning motorists should not enter the intersection. A red arrow is then displayed, allowing traffic from the oncoming direction to begin proceeding through the intersection. After opposing traffic gets the green phase, the turn arrow begins flashing yellow, indicating that turning vehicles must yield to oncoming traffic but may proceed when there is a safe gap in traffic. The signal then turns returns to a solid yellow arrow and then to a red arrow as traffic on the other road is allowed to proceed through the intersection.

Pedestrians crossing the road always have the right-of-way over turning vehicles.

In Buffalo, the new signals are located at the left-turn lanes at the intersection of Delaware and Kenmore Avenues, installed as part of a $2 million project to resurface and improve intersection safety along Delaware Avenue. 

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