Public Notice:

2017 - 2021 Transporation Improvement Program Amendment #47

Union Rd at NY 33 Intersection Improvements - New Project

Public comments will be received through May 7, 2019


The Greater Buffalo-Niagara Regional Transportation Council (GBNRTC), the Metropolitan Planning Organization for Erie and Niagara Counties, is proposing to amend the 2017-2021 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) by adding one (1) new project.

Project Identification Number 5131.39 - Union Rd at NY 33 Intersection Improvements

  • A safety evaluation was completed in December, 2018. The collision rate is above the statewide average of similar facilities

  • Intersection modifications will be made to decrease identified collisions and improve intersection safety and operation.

  • Work will include:

    • Replacing signal(s) at the NY 33 ramp(s) to accommodate back plates, overhead signage, and APS.

    • Construct pedestrian facilities in accordance with Pedestrian Safety Action Plan.

    • Close Airport Plaza driveway (approximately 100 feet north of another Plaza entrance/exit).

  • Total project cost is $340K

  • $280K of Construction and Construction Inspection funds will come from PIN 50PS.03 - PSAP - PHASE IIB; ERIE & NIAGARA COS

  • $60K of Design and ROW funds will come from PIN 5T20.06 - HSIP/NHPP STATE SAFETY

    PROGRAM; SFY 21/22

  • Construction is scheduled to begin 4/21

View full details (including maps) are provided in the attached Initial Proposal Form (IPP), Complete Streets Form and Smart Growth Screening Form. A map of the project area is also included.


Public comments will be received through May 7, 2019 at; in writing to GBNRTC Executive Director, 438 Main Street; Suite 503; Buffalo, NY 14202; or 716-856-2026.

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