In an effort to raise pedestrian safety awareness statewide, the “See! Be Seen!” educational campaign was created by the NYS Department of Health and Governor Andrew Cuomo's Traffic Safety Committee to provide safety tips for both pedestrians and drivers. A toolkit of resources including posters, tip cards, PowerPoint presentations, educational tools for law enforcement and video PSAs focusing on pedestrian and driver behaviors can be found at Governor Cuomo’s Pedestrian Safety website

To prevent and avoid pedestrian-related injuries or death, pedestrians and motorists are encouraged to follow these safety tips:

 “See!” Tips for Motorists:

·     Yield for pedestrians at crosswalks and intersections.

·     Do not block crosswalks when stopped at intersections.

·     Do not run red lights.

·     Slow down and obey speed limits.

·     Always look for pedestrians, particularly when turning at a green light or making a right turn on red.

·     Take extra care around schools, playgrounds and neighborhoods.

·     Be careful when passing stopped vehicles. They might be stopping for pedestrians.

·     PAY ATTENTION! Do not text and drive!


“Be Seen!” Tips for Pedestrians:

·     Cross at intersections and marked crosswalks. Look-left-right-left again.

·     Use pedestrian push-buttons where available and WAIT for the signal to cross.

·     Use sidewalks. If there are no sidewalks, walk facing traffic so you see vehicles and drivers see you.

·     Stay visible after dark and in bad weather by wearing light-colored or reflective clothing.

·     Watch for vehicles backing out of parking spaces and exiting driveways.

·     Make eye contact with drivers so they see you.

·     Look left, look right, and then look left again before crossing a street.

·     PAY ATTENTION! Don’t text while crossing!


For more information on pedestrian safety, visit Governor Cuomo’s Pedestrian Safety website or email

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