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+ What is freight planning?

Freight planning refers to connecting different modes of transportation and/or transferring freight from one mode to another at facilities such as airports, terminals, and stations.

Freight Planning exists to coordinate public-private, state-local, and state-federal freight transportation investment decisions and activities.

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+ National Freight Network

Section 167(c) of title 23 United States Code (U.S.C.), created by Section 1115 of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21), directs the Secretary to establish a NFN to assist States in strategically directing resources toward improved system performance for efficient movement of freight on the highway portion of the Nation's freight transportation system, including the National Highway System (NHS), freight intermodal connectors, and aerotropolis transportation systems.

Under 23 U.S.C. 167(c), the NFN will consist of three components: the highway Primary Freight Network (PFN), the portions of the Interstate System not designated as part of the highway PFN, and CRFCs, which are designated by the States.

A draft initial designation of the highway PFN was published and is currently receiving comments.

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+ International Trade Gateway Initiative

The mission of the Buffalo Niagara International Trade Gateway is to build upon the capacity of existing organizations and leverage the advantages of the region – extensive transportation system, experienced logistics and trade networks, part of the third largest and fastest growing metropolitan region in North America, and our history and reputation since the nineteenth century – as a center for trade and commerce.

+ WNY Regional Economic Development Council

“A Strategy for Prosperity” is a comprehensive plan to create a more dynamic and sustainable economy for our region and all its citizens. The plan was developed and submitted in response to Governor Cuomo’s challenge to chart a fresh course for sustainable economic growth in New York State and to compete for grants and tax credits from a special billion dollar fund for development projects that can be transformative for our communities.

+ Niagara Frontier Urban Area Freight Transportation Study

In 2010 The GBNRTC completed an Urban Area Freight Study that examined the past, present and future movement of good into, out of and through the region. The study consisted of five technical memorandums and a final report.

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